Sustainability and Inclusion

Our ambition is to achieve an 'All-Inclusive' society, where no one is left behind, including diverse people, animals or plants, and also the global environment. We aim to create a society where differences are accepted as they are and a healthy co-existence takes place.

SOLIT stands up to make these things happen. What you need, to whom you need it, in the amounts you need. It would be a better choice for both people and the planet. With this philosophy and idea in mind, we want to be a company that takes sustainability and inclusion, economic and social, into its own hands.

Here, we would like to introduce our concept of sustainability and inclusion so that you can learn more about our approach.

  • This report summarises SOLIT's initiatives and achievements in adopting sustainable and inclusive production methods.It outlines the main initiatives, current progress and future targets.

Build an equal partnership

Under the current mass production system, factories usually cannot consider the required product sewing levels and contract prices. This is because sewing prices are calculated after client companies decide on components and sales prices.

However, we, SOLIT, decide how to make products together with manufacturers. We want to create spaces to think together as a team with manufacturers, not only to request what is already decided. As a result, we could reduce the tailor's unnecessary labour and improve design and unprecedented options.

Also, it costs a lot of labour to produce comfortable clothes for diverse people. We build equal partnerships with respect for manufacturers by making spaces to think together as a team and paying appropriately.

Keep employment of the technicians and lead to educate the next generations

It is an urgent issue that current sewing factories need more environments to educate the next generations and pass on the skills.

Mass production mainly adopts the assembly line system, which keeps sewing the same part of clothes because it prioritises efficiency. This results in less use of the sewing method that one person sews the whole pieces of a cloth. If the tailors learn only one part of the sewing process, they cannot sew the entire clothes or step up their skills and careers. Another concern is the skill of stitching the whole parts of clothes would disappear.

Our customisable clothes make more opportunities for one person to sew the whole part of clothes because we chose this sewing method. We can keep hiring skilful workers and lead to educating the next generation if we stably provide the job using the whole-sewing skill.

For we are the ones who embody the most

At PROJECT SOLIT, we are constantly discussing with our members and doing the best we can at the moment to realize 'all-inclusive' from multiple perspectives, such as 'organizational structure', 'employees', 'community', 'environment' and 'customers'.

We have also done everything we can with our brand to share our know-how and perspectives with those who are wondering what kind of inclusion is possible within their organization or business.

SOLIT Organizational Structure

SOLIT is a community of various likes-minded people who share the same vision; SOLIT members themselves are a team of diverse decision makers from different nationalities, languages, sexualities, living environments, housing, ages, professions and occupations, who coexist and collaborate with each other. We also collaborate with hospitals and research institutes to conduct interviews and questionnaires with the people involved.

Final Decision Criteria

Decisions are made not for immediate short-term gain, but based on whether the project is inclusive of diverse people, does not burden the global environment (the more we build, the better off we will be), and takes human rights into consideration.

In order to realize a world that we call "all inclusive," we have the philosophy and idea of "only what is needed, by whom it is needed, and in what amounts it is needed. We also take into consideration the perspectives of "sustainability" and "inclusion" in the development of our products. Furthermore, we aim to realize an "all-inclusive economic zone" where people, goods, and money circulate through the cooperation of companies, organizations, and local governments, and to spread such a society in a sustainable manner. To realize this future, we alone are not strong enough. Since our establishment in September 2020, we have been able to take on a variety of challenges thanks to the support of all of you. We believe that actions to create the future are always one step at a time, right in front of us. We will always keep these ideas in the center and move forward step by step. / updated: 2022.12.20 Misaki TANAKA (Founder)