Hello, we are SOLIT! We are an eastern inclusive design solution team based in Japan and the EU.

By utilizing the Eastern philosophy of inclusive design and involving the parties involved from the planning stage, we support the development of all-inclusive services and products that are truly needed through the creation of new value and business.

The one and only Eastern philosophy-based inclusive design.

Creating and practicing a way of being and an approach to the world that is not based on dualistic and centralistic ways of thinking and introducing Western DE&I, but rather on the complexity and pluralism of existence, which is based on the assumption of diversity and acceptance. An inclusive design that takes into account the complex background of the 'individual' and leaves no one and none behind is possible.

World-leading DE&I projects

  • The company has been recognized at the highest global level for design, environmental and human rights, including being awarded the world's top prize at the iF DESIGN AWARD, one of the world's three major design awards, and at the Global Fashion Summit.
  • Connections with overseas practitioners enable proposals to be one step ahead of the curve, based on the most up-to-date information of the times.

Integrated from planning to PR and information transfer and system building.

  • As conventional measures often end up being one-offs, we are even building an ongoing system to enable structural change.
  • Web and graphic supervision and production of the plans and products produced, including the Ethical Check, which is not only limited to planning but also ensures that diverse people are not harmed in the dissemination of information.
  • 貸し出された商品を友人と見ながら試している写真

    Achieving Company's Purpose

    We will work with your company to promote D&I through new value creation and business by leveraging your company's strengths. We will consult with you on new product and business development, collaborative promotions, and other activities with parties involved in a variety of issues.

    Past case studies: Panasonic FUTURE LIFE FACTORY / Kokuyo / Yahoo! JAPAN / Kishiwada Rehabilitation Hospital
  • D&I lectures and training to engage the company

    We can provide lectures and in-house training on diversity & inclusion, as well as "inclusive design workshops" that involve diverse parties.

    Past examples: Keidanren / LION / Hakuhodo / Stanford Social Innovation Review / Daimaru Matsuzakaya and many others
  • Development of original D&I products

    Facilities and hospitals can be equipped with products developed by SOLIT or products with parts and designs created based on data. (made-to-order and small lot production available)

    Past cases: GOOD NATURE STATION HOTEL KYOTO (Kyoto) / Bumisehat Midwifery Hospital (Indonesia) / Kishiwada Rehabilitation Hospital (Osaka)


Examples of SOLIT's past achievements

コクヨの大阪オフィスにある「HOWS PARK」はコクヨの特例子会社とともにつくったオープンスペース。会場にいる役員の皆さんが真剣に話を聞いている様子


Diversity & Inclusion Accompanying Support

Conducted in-house training for about six months.Subsequently, we provided support for the planning of the "Hows Park" diversity office at the new location, including the formulation of basic policies for diversity and inclusion for all Kokuyo vehicles.


Business Co-Creation

Collaborating on the "RMP Project," which utilizes blockchain to collect and disclose more personal information about the transparency of the production background of products.We are promoting purchasing behavior that allows diverse people to engage in and understand manufacturing in a healthy way.

Kishiwada Rehabilitation Hospital


Collaborative research with inpatients and outpatients and with health and social workers on site. Subsequently, we presented our work at academic conferences. We also conducted interviews, design prototyping, implementation, and PR to improve hospital gowns.
  • Bumisehat International Midwifery Institute (Bali, Indonesia)

    The clothing for the patients attending the rehabilitation center, which is located next to the center, was designed based on the local climate and the issues that many of the patients face. / 2023

    WEB site 
  • Yahoo! JAPAN(Tokyo, Japan)

    Offered in-house training on diversity held throughout the company and further developed a company-wide basic policy on diversity and inclusion. / 2022

    Diversity & Inclusion Basic Policy 

    As a hotel that provides good things for both people and nature, we have asked that in addition to the in-house clothes we have already introduced, we have also introduced an option that is easier for the elderly and people with disabilities to wear. / 2022

    Smooth and comfortable loungewear that is stretchable and easy to put on and take off. 

Interview to Clients

What has changed as a result of the collaboration with SOLIT? / Kokuyo Co.


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