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    Vancouver Fashion Week FW 2024 - Day 1 Show 1 [Starting from 4:07]


“Diversity” is a concept of Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW). Vancouver is a large and culturally diverse city. Regardless of nationality and race, fashion brands from all over the world participate in VFW. This time, SOLIT was invited by the VFW, and we finally determined to be one of them after long consideration.

This collection leads to a new era in fashion. That’s why we will be on the world stage. We believe spreading what we are pursuing is vital: an all-inclusive society and an all-inclusive fashion.

IT’S SOLIT! - Duh!

Show Concept:

This is not something special, this is the norm.

Diverse beings and expressing yourself in your own way

We don't want to stop at "that's nice", but rather say, don't stop there, come this way quickly.

Founder's Message

I grew up with not being able to wear the clothes I wanted to wear from a very young age. This was partly due to my body shape and partly due to money.

I didn't 'choose' the clothes I wear every day, I chose them out of the choices available to me.

The right to express oneself as a being is slipping through the fingers of both hands in such and such a way.

I just wanted to enjoy fashion.

I thought this is what only I think like that.

However, I realized that many people have had similar experiences because of their body shape, disability, age, sexuality, family background, faith, and culture, and I decided that it would be better if people could be themselves, transcending categories, so I set up SOLIT.

I didn't want to give up the diverse people and the global environment.

SOLIT Founder Misaki TANAKA

  • SOLIT代表の田中美咲の写真


    Social entrepreneur and social designer, born 1988, has been running an NGO on natural disasters and climate change for eight years since 2013. After obtaining an MBA in postgraduate studies, she founded SOLIT,Inc. to solve global environmental and human rights issues from 2020. Specialist in solving diverse social issues by design.


    Works for a major apparel company; father of two children. When his children's dreams for the future were related to 'fashion', he realised that he could not recommend this industry with pride. Joined SOLIT to create fashion that is good for the planet and for people, and to pass it on with confidence to future generations.


    Born in 1998 in Chiba, Japan. Currently a postgraduate student. Grew up watching her mother, who had a leg disability, from an early age, saddened by her inability to wear the clothes she liked. She realized that many people in the world have given up on fashion because of illness or disability, and started making inclusive design clothes while she was still a student at fashion school.

  • WIN

    WIN, a sewing factory based in Wuxi, China, which not only develops AI-based technology and promotes efficiency, but also ensures the wellbeing of each employee and values dialogue and teamwork so that each worker can fulfil his or her potential. The factory has received recognition as a factory recognised by the government.


Masahiko NAKASHIMA / Videographer

Born in Aso, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. Graduated from California State University, Northridge, Film Department. After gaining experience as a TV director in Tokyo, he returned home after the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake. For about seven years, he volunteered to film, edit, and distribute a video of the rebuilding of the Aso Shrine, which was damaged in the disaster. This video led him to work on reconstruction footage of Shuri Castle in Okinawa, which was lost in a fire, and he is also a videographer who focuses on client work in Japan and abroad.

I think it was the summer of 2023 when we were first approached to do a film for Vancouver Fashion Week, and although we had done several SOLIT films before, I remember being surprised when we were asked to do a SOLIT fashion show at one of the biggest fashion events in North America. They aim to realize a society where both diverse people and the global environment are taken into consideration, and to proudly say, "This is natural, isn't it?" Misaki founder of SOLIT, had a clear vision and was ready to take on the challenge of the fashion show. I and Misaki had many discussions on how to make the audience feel this through the music and images. This time, it was necessary to depict not only the clothes introduced in the show but also the world after the clothes had been brought to life. The models were selected from wheelchair users, people with disabilities, people with refugee status, and others who feel some kind of difficulty living in today's society. The models need to convey to the audience that they are living in a 'normal society' on the runway, so each model is given a purpose for walking, rather than just walking. The models are given a specific purpose, such as "going to work", "going on a date" or "going to the movies", so that the runway looks like a stage. To give the models an idea of what they are doing, the sound is composed with stage scenery in the video and sounds of daily life in the music. If the music and images were to be different for each model, the sense of unity of the entire show would be lost, so we have dared to blur the boundaries of the stage we prepare for each model. Finally, you, the reader of this text, are an important part of the society that SOLIT aims to create, and it is up to you to decide whether you want to remain a spectator at SOLIT's shows or move towards the society that SOLIT aims to create.


Ayumu YAMASHITA / Filmmaker, musician.

Musician, meditation teacher, and filmmaker living in Okinawa Prefecture. His YouTube, which distributes a variety of music, mindfulness, and documentary content, currently has around 190,000 registered users and approximately 50 million total views.As a filmmaker, he directed the official short film "AM11:00" for Okinawan artist HY. He is a multi-creator who plans, shoots, edits, produces, and performs music himself. In recent years, he has also produced Sound Bath, a space for healing experiences through sound vibrations.

The colorful colors of the SOLIT products are what I felt when I held them in my hands. Even though the colors of the clothes themselves are not vivid and colorful, I could see the various life patterns of the people who chose to wear SOLIT out of the many mixed brands of clothes. The runway music expresses these colorful impressions of the SOLIT experience. The rainbow of colors of life behind the colors of the clothes. We hope that through the music this will float more vividly in the audience's mind.


KAE / NORA creative director

After graduating from beauty school in 2011, she joined NORA Co. After three years as an assistant, she made her debut as a NORA HAIR SALON designer in 2014. At the same time, she also started working as a hair and make-up artist, participating in the 2017 NY Collection for the first time as a hair and make-up artist. She is active as a hair and make-up artist in various genres, including fashion and beauty. She is active as a creative director in salon work, hair and make-up, product development and visual design direction.

The SOLIT project was unknown to me in the fashion world, which I had been involved in as a hair and make-up artist. I was attracted to this project, which is serious about everyone enjoying fashion, and to the VFW, where the SOLIT project is featured. We focused on the idea of wearing inclusive design and wanted to output simple hair and make-up designs that bring out the individuality of everyone who wears SOLIT items, so that they can make the most of their individual charms, valuing their identity.

  • Kazuhiro TAKAI

    Deaf athlete affiliated with Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Ltd. Congenital sensorineural hearing loss. Aims to compete in the 2025 Tokyo Deaflympics and win a medal in the high jump and decathlon in athletics.

  • Yuki HIWASA

    He is the Team Leader of the Official Website of one of the major sports brands. Since birth, he has had a genetic condition called Nevus of Ota on his face from his forehead to his cheeks. He strives to educate people on the idea that 'anyone can shine'.

  • Hayuka YOSHIZAKA

    Suffers a traffic accident just before completing postgraduate studies. It took three years to complete treatment, leaving her with permanent injuries and scars. Performing as an actor on stage and in films. Made the international collection debut at Milano Fashion Week 2023.


    15 years old. She was deaf from birth, attended a special institution for deaf children from kindergarten to junior high school and now attends a non-specialised high school. From the second year of junior high school, she joined an entertainment agency and started working as a model and actor.

  • Nao

    High school student living in Tokyo. Inspired by make-up, fashion and values, he started to wear genderless fashion and put on make-up. Currently studying hard for university entrance exams.


    Injured cervical cord and living in a wheelchair. Sequelae include quadriplegia, trunk disorder and Autonomic Nervous System Disorder. Started a life on his own after about three years of rehabilitation in a hospital and physical rehabilitation facility.

  • Hinoki Co., Ltd.

    They have encouraged us and believed in our challenge from the planning since we couldn’t decide on the entry for VFW because of transportation and production development costs.

  • Medical Corporation Yoshimoto-kai Yoshimoto Pediatrics

    Sympathizing with this challenge, we received support for the "Corporate Sponsorship Project Supporter 100,000 yen Course" through our crowdfunding campaign.

  • Hub. craft inc.

    Following last year’s documentary film production, they sincerely offered us to produce a documentary film of our challenge for VFW.

  • Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Inc.

    We are grateful for your cooperation in the development of sponsorship programs and corporate partnerships in this project, as we share your commitment to creating an inclusive society.

  • morning after cutting my hair,Inc.

    The company provided us with background support to make the show a reality, such as planning the production in line with the philosophy and philosophy of SOLIT and its relevance to the show, and creating criteria for the selection of the models.


    In order to achieve the expression we are aiming for, they have been providing us with advice on the overall production of the show and help in planning the hair and makeup.


    We are grateful for the free use of the venue and other assistance in making the event more barrier-free for the all-day photo shoot of products and models for the fashion collection.

  • Ontenna(Fujitsu Corporation)

    All staff members were free to lend "Ontenna," a device that uses vibration and light to feel the characteristics of sound in the body so that they can express themselves regardless of whether they can hear or not.

  • Tokyu Corporation, Shibuya Hikarie Creative Space 8/

    After returning from the fashion collection, we are pleased to announce that Shibuya Hikarie 8/COURT will be a special sponsor for the first unveiling of the collection in Japan


    We were provided with the YY Probe corporate account, an application that provides 'communication support' to visualize voices and sounds to promote daily communication in our activities.


    Bags and wallets made from 'cactus leather', which can restore the ecosystem, were lent to the models on the runway to be worn on the show.

  • ASICS Corporation

    "ASICS shoes" were provided as an item that diverse models could wear on the runway with safety and confidence.

  • Social welfare organization Jizokai / SORATOUMI Mr Sakaguchi.

    They were responsible for the illustration of the 15 products in the collection and the models wearing them, which were presented for the first time.

  • swallow tail vintage

    Second-hand clothing was provided as material for items to be worn during training and media interviews and for items used in the collection.



Misaki Tanaka(Executive Director)

Products and Fashion Design
Itsuo Mihara(Production Management & Design)
Rina Yanome(Design)

Direction of a play
Suzuka Nakanishi(Runway Directing)
Masahiko Nakashima(Runway Video Music Production)
Ayumu Yamashita(Runway Music Production)
KAE(Hair and Makeup Planning)

Documentary filmmaking
Fuhito Yamashita(Documentary Video Production)
Takuma Matsuda(Documentary Video Production)

PR- Stakeholder Relations
Yumiko Kosugi(PR Production)
Shinichi Morimoto(PR Planner)
Sumie Saito(SNS Marketing Direction)
Kitou Sayaka(PR Assistant)
Yuki Hiwasa(PR Assistant)
Haruki Maruyama(Photographer)

Crowd Funding
Seiichi Ogasawara(Crowdfunding Planning and Operation)
Hironobu Sakamoto(Crowdfunding Planning and Operation)
Shiori Sakamoto(Crowd Funding PR)
Sumie Saito(Book Planning and Editing)
Aoi Shimizu(Book Planning and Editing)

Products development
F.H.TONG(Dyeing and Finishing)
J.D.MAO(Woven Fabric)
D.J.CHENG(Production Management)
J.l.XU(Pattern Make)
G.H.SIMA(Sample Making)
H.Y.REN(Press and Package)
Z.Y.PEN(Procurement Management)

Model Management & Training
Rina Yanome(Model Training Management)
Suzuka Nakanishi(Model Training Planning)

Rie Usui(Model Training Instructor)
Shin Kohama(Model Training Instructor)
Sampo Yamanaka(Model Training Instructor)
Nobuhiko Adachi(Model Training Instructor)
Eri Imai(Model Training Instructor)
Mio Waga(Model Training Instructor)
Noriyoshi Takemori(Model Training Instructor)

Products Research & Management
Yukiko Ito(R&D)
Atsuki Kokuba(R&D)
Shizuka Watanabe(R&D)

Takako Iwasaki(Project Manager)
Natsumi Wada(Operation Manager)
Ikumi Kobayashi(VFW Point of Contact)
Tomoko Ikenoue(Hair & Make-up Referrer)
Sho Gotoda (Tax Manager)
Akiko Koizumi(Accounting & General Affairs)