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Thought Shirts

Thought Shirts

SOLIT's second series "Thought" with the meaning of hope and imagination for peace

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"Thought" is made of a polyester/cotton blend. It has a raglan design that does not stick out around the shoulders, magnetic buttons that are easy to attach and detach even with one hand, and deep side slits to increase the range of motion and create a beautiful form that does not leave excess fabric around the stomach even in the sitting position.

*Sleeves and lengths can be customized.
*If you have never felt any tightness or looseness in the sleeve size, we recommend the same size sleeves as the base size.
*If you have ever felt that the size does not fit, we recommend that you adjust one size up or down from the base size.

Try on at home(only in Japan).

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Thought Shirts Base size list (finished size)

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size Women Men height(Assumed standard) Shoulder width Chest Sleeve and shoulder length dress length sleeve length Neck Circumference
SOLIT 0 140 - 140 37 93 65.25 62 46.75 42.5
SOLIT 1 150 - 150 38.5 97 71 63.5 51.75 43.5
SOLIT 2 XXS - 150 40 101 73.75 65 53.75 45.5
SOLIT 3 XS XXS 155 41.5 105 76 66 55.25 45.5
SOLIT 4 S XS 155 43 109 78.25 67 56.75 46.5
SOLIT 5 M S 160 44.5 113 80 69 57.75 46.5
SOLIT 6 L M 168 46 117 81.75 71 58.75 47
SOLIT 7 XL L 175 47.5 121 84.5 73 60.75 47
SOLIT 8 XXL XL 175 49.5 123 86 74 61.25 47.5
SOLIT 9 - XXL 180 52.5 128 88.5 76.5 62.25 49
SOLIT 10 - 3XL 185 55.5 134 91 78.5 63.25 50
SOLIT 11 - 4XL 190 58.5 140 93.5 80.5 64.25 51

Large slits create a beautiful shape when sitting down

The shirt has large slits on the left and right sides to allow for ease of movement and to reduce wrinkles and fabric fraying that can easily form around the stomach when sitting. By wearing it loosely, you will be free from tightness and pain around the waist.

Loose-fitting cover-up shirt

Instead of opening in the front, this shirt is designed to be worn as if worn over the head by unbuttoning the buttons up to the chest. It is designed so that people with limited shoulder range of motion or those who have difficulty with fine movements can easily put it on and take it off.

Big pocket with an ingenious idea

The large pocket on the chest is large enough to hold a smartphone, small wallet, key case, etc. The pocket entrance is designed so that items can be inserted from the inside, rather than from the outside as is usually the case with clothing. This prevents items from falling out and allows you to reach into the pockets without having to spread your arms or sides.

Magnetic buttons that fasten instantly

Magnetic buttons are a popular feature of SOLIT products. Even those who are not good at putting on and taking off buttons can put them on easily, and they can be removed with one hand.The magnets are moderately strong, so they rarely come off accidentally, but we recommend wearing an inner layer if you are concerned or if you often use a shoulder bag. *Normal buttons are recommended for pacemaker wearers."

Raglan specification for easy movement around the shoulders

The back is sewn in a "raglan specification" to make it easier to take the shirt on and off and to relieve tightness around the back and arms when wearing.
Release Date 20220420
Product No. 022001
Size SOLIT 0~11 + customize
Color coral red, lemon yellow, sky blue, ivory, black
Material 73% cotton, 25% polyester, 2% polyurethane
Washing indication
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Thought Shirts
Product No. 022001

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