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Dawn Pants

Dawn Pants

Beginning pants with a beautiful sitting posture.

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These pants, which are slightly longer in the back, are designed for wheelchair users and people who work at a desk a lot, with emphasis on the beauty of the shape when sitting down. The waist portion is elastic, allowing easy adjustment by simply pulling the strings, even for those with paralyzed hands or weak strength. The waist front can be selected from a front-opening fake or two types of zippers, solving the respective problems of "zipper bites and makes it painful" and "inconvenient to use the restroom without a zipper.

*Length can be customized.

Try on at home(only in Japan).

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Dawn Pants Base size list (finished size)

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Base Size Women Men Waist
(Adjustment size)
Hips Around the thigh dress length
SOLIT 0 140 - 65(55~68) 89 49.3 87
SOLIT 1 150 - 68(58~71) 92 50.6 88
SOLIT 2 XXS - 71(61~74) 95 51.6 89
SOLIT 3 XS XXS 74(64~77) 98 52.6 91
SOLIT 4 S XS 77(67~80) 101 53.5 93
SOLIT 5 M S 80(70~83) 104 54.5 95
SOLIT 6 L M 83(73~86) 107 55.5 97
SOLIT 7 XL L 86(76~89) 110 56.5 99
SOLIT 8 XXL XL 90(80~93) 114 57.9 99
SOLIT 9 - XXL 97(87~100) 120 60.1 101
SOLIT 10 - 3XL 104(94~107) 126 62 102
SOLIT 11 - 4XL 111(101~104) 132 63.9 103

Pocket openings with hook-and-loop fasteners

Eliminates the problem of pocket opens while sitting, and things that have been stored in them spill out. There is a one-finger gap at the top for easy opening. When used as a catheter insertion opening, the pocket will not open even if the pouch cloth is cut.

No more worrying about the size of your waist.

The waist is flexible and elastic, making it easy to put on and take off. The waist can be adjusted by loop-type ties on both sides. Even those who are not good at putting on belts, have paralyzed fingers, or are lazy can easily adjust the waist.

Back pockets for a clean look

Stash small items in the pockets or slip them on and off with your fingers. The smartly made, comfortable pockets can be used in a variety of ways.If you do not need pockets, please choose faux pockets. If you do not need pockets, please choose fake

Made of polyester twill stretch fabric

Polyester twill stretch fabric is easy to stretch and can be washed at home. Simply hang it up after washing to extend large wrinkles, eliminating the need for ironing and cleaning. Whether you are a sloppy person or not so good at ironing, feel free to add it to your daily clothes.
Release Date 20210331
Product No. 021002
Size SOLIT 0~11 + customize
Color beige, ash gray, salmon pink black
Material 95% polyester, 5% polyurethane
Washing indication
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Dawn Pants
Product No. 021002

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