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Aurora Tee

Aurora Tee

Organic Cotton Tee that holds a different brilliance for every one.

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This organic cotton T-shirt is made in Bangladesh and produced in Fukui, Japan, with reflectors that shine moistly in the daytime and aurora borealis in the light.

The Aurora Tee is made of 100% organic cotton that is soft and comfortable on the skin. It is comfortable to wear and has a color that blends well with the skin. It is not easily see-through and does not get worn out, a good choice for both the environment and people, which is what we have been looking for in a "T-shirt" so far.

The chest and upper back are printed with "reflectors" that are simple in design and not very noticeable in the daytime, but reflect aurora lights when exposed to light or car lights at night. We would be happy if its presence can be recognized when going out at night or walking/running, so that you can go outside with a little more peace of mind than you feel now.

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100% organic cotton from Bangladesh

Cotton production is usually involved the use of a large number of chemicals, which are considered to place a heavy burden on both the environment and people in the production area. Organic cotton is certified as having minimal impact on health and the environment due to the use of chemicals, and is also considered to be safe and healthy for the workers, and child labor is prohibited.


Reflectors are made by Fukui, JAPAN

Fukui Prefecture, with its history of silk fabrication, now has the top share in the production of synthetic fibers in Japan. We at SOLIT have had the pleasure of working with Marujin Corporation, a manufacturer of reflective materials based in Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture, to add glittering reflectors to the Aurora.

No two shinings are the same, each one is different.

The reflectors on the Aurora Tee change color as you look at them. Sometimes they look blue, sometimes pink, sometimes white or yellow. Isn't this similar to the fact that no two of us are the same and each one of us is beautiful and shines differently?


Don't be too visible, but stand out.

We heard many experiences about issues related to "going out at night," such as contact with cars and bicycles when walking out on the streets at night, and the difficulty of finding people with dementia and children when they get lost. People want to take care of their safety, but they feel embarrassed with something that stands out so obviously. We have worked with these people to create reflectors that are usually inconspicuous but will stand out when necessary.。

Release Date 20220915
Product No. 022002
Size SOLIT0,3,5,6,8,9
Color ivory, black, pistachio, hyacinth blue
Material organic cotton 100%
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Aurora Tee
Product No. 022002

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