SOLIT吸収合併に寄せて / 執筆 代表 田中美咲

On the merger of SOLIT / Written by CEO Misaki Tanaka

Some of you may have been surprised by the sudden announcement on our website.

In fact, since last summer, my team and I have been discussing what the future of SOLIT should be. During these long discussions, we decided to absorb SOLIT after talking with various people, including the full-time members, the members of the Advisory Board who gave us diverse opinions, and our shareholders.

  • You just recently participated in an international collection!
  • You've won so many awards and been interviewed by the media!
  • It would be a shame to lose the company!

We have received these words from many people.

I am very happy to think that we have achieved something and created a memorable element to be recognized as such, but even after receiving such kind words of appreciation, I could not stop thinking that “we cannot go on like this”.

The corporate personality of “SOLIT” has a strong sense of justice and dignity, and we have never stopped challenging ourselves, sometimes distancing ourselves from what is considered “good” by the general public, but we have always set our own ethical standards of what is “good” and challenged ourselves without limiting the scope of possibilities. The people involved in SOLIT and SOLIT itself are very graceful and cool, I feel, very proud to be a part of their efforts.

That is why I wanted to return to my original intention, which was to “start with fashion, but that was only to set a precedent, and what we should be doing is to create an all-inclusive society that takes into account diverse people and the global environment” without losing sight of what I had in mind when I founded the company.

Fashion is the first step, and from here we will join hands with many parties to make it happen.

Since its establishment, we have created a precedent in inclusive design x fashion called “SOLIT!” and created a rut by creating a showcase. In addition to the showcase, we then compile the evidence, data, and knowledge we have accumulated in the development of this project, and finally, in collaboration with companies and organizations in various fields, we can increase the number of “all-inclusive” options in fields and elements necessary for human life, and create an economic zone by accelerating the system that allows people, goods, and money to circulate.

First of all, in fashion,

  • Commitment to product design
  • Focusing on the environment and human rights in the production background and supply chain
  • To be recognized as design/fashion both domestically and internationally
  • Present them to a large number of people at fashion collections.

I believe that we have put together the elements necessary to set a precedent, such as the above.

Of course, there are still many things that need to be resolved. There are also many people who have not been reached. However, with the number of players who have entered the market compared to when the company was founded, a great flow of solving problems has already begun to emerge. Then I wonder if we are past the point of “it has to be us”.

From here, we have already worked with Kokuyo, Panasonic FUTURE LIFE FACTORY and Aisin, but we would like to focus on expanding our options in areas beyond fashion and work with many companies, organizations and individuals.

We have truly entered the phase of “gathering allies and joining hands with others”.

Change the “body” that inhabits its soul

SOLIT changes the “body” that inhabits the soul, though the soul remains.

We are merging with another company that I, as the CEO, run, “morning after cutting my hair,Inc.”, a planning and PR company specializing in solving social issues. we have been operating since 2018, and we have the same CEO, which is also the very same “ corporate character” like SOLIT, it is a cool company with a strong sense of justice and ethics.

Now that the phase of SOLIT is about to change, I thought that two companies with such close personalities have their own bodies, in other words, it is no longer necessary to have two bodies. SOLIT and morning after cutting my hair are both companies struggling to solve social and corporate issues.

By merging with SOLIT!, we can reduce the man-hours and costs of various procedures that used to take twice as long, and with the experience and knowledge gained so far at SOLIT!, combined with the knowledge that we can approach issues beyond social capital and DE&I at morning after cutting my hair, I believe that we will be able to promote the new development of SOLIT more strongly.

Of course, it is not just that we can take advantage of the strengths of our two companies and reduce costs. Our staff has been given many more opportunities than we could have imagined at the time of our establishment, our life stages have changed, and the world's circumstances and challenges have continued to change in a wide variety of ways. As a result, SOLIT is constantly changing like an amoeba, and we have realized that we don't have enough energy to push forward with SOLIT alone.

The whole team will confirm after discussion that they all want to continue with SOLIT, and will once again take on the challenge of moving toward a new SOLIT, while making the choice of restructuring the organization.

Beginning of the second journey

Now begins the second chapter of the future that SOLIT is trying to realize.

We have made a choice to continue to challenge ourselves in a better way that is necessary “now,” but change will surely occur again in the future. The world, society, and us may face an unexpected tomorrow.

We, too, are still in the unknown of what shape we can take in the future.

We hope you will join us in enjoying the future of SOLIT as we prepare for the second stage of the project, which is about to begin.
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