Notice】Please be aware of the shipping timing of products due to the international transportation impact of the Corona Disaster.

Thank you for visiting SOLIT.

As we uphold "All inclusive", SOLIT aims to have a production system that respects as much as possible the cultures and ideas of the various people involved in the production process. Currently, we are experiencing delays in the timing of product shipments due to the effects of international shipping following the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

You can still place your orders as usual, but we would appreciate your understanding if you are considering purchasing our products, as the delivery schedule is expected to be as follows

  1. (1) Orders placed by 3/20 → Scheduled for delivery in late May
    (2) For orders placed on or after 3/21 → Scheduled to be delivered in June or later

(*Orders, fitting sessions, inquiries, etc. will continue as usual during this period, so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or requests.)

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