We are pleased to announce that we will be revising the prices of SOLIT!

SOLIT! was founded in 2020 and launched its first product in 2021.

We are committed to making all aspects of our products, from planning to production, management, and sales, as easy as possible for everyone to use and as environmentally friendly as possible, with the aim of realizing an all-inclusive society that cares for diverse people and the global environment together.

SOLIT!'s policy is to produce "what is needed, for whom it is needed, and in the amount needed," rather than the conventional structure of making a lot of products at a low price and throwing them away, which is not friendly to either people or the environment. We believe that continuing to make good, well-thought-out products is a healthy and sustainable activity for everyone involved in the manufacturing, distribution, and sales of our products.

At the same time, we do not want to create a situation in which products that are necessary for those who choose SOLIT are out of reach due to "price". In order to reach as many people as possible, we have been trying to reduce costs without lowering the quality of raw materials, sewing, and quality control by establishing a sales method without stores and a make-to-order system that does not assume disposal, thereby reducing disposal and loss costs, and taking about 45 days for production.

However, the recent global situation and exchange rate fluctuations have caused not only the overall cost of raw materials to rise, but also the costs of packaging materials, logistics, and labor. In the past, the makers and sellers absorbed this situation, but SOLIT!

We have taken a fresh look at the fact that each product we hold in our hands is connected to the world and is therefore affected by global trends, which is something that we should take for granted. We will be revising the prices of our products beginning with orders received on July 1, 2022.

We will continue to strive for a future where each and every one of you can be who you are.


Approach to Price Revisions
Prices are reviewed semiannually in July (1) and January (2) to reflect changes in prices (including exchange rates), labor costs, and other costs.
(1) Price review based on fluctuations during the period from December to May, with a notice in June and a change on July 1.
(2) Price review based on the impact of the period from June to November, notice in December, and change on January 1.
Both cost increase/decrease will be fairly reflected.
Some products will not be revised if the cost fluctuation is slight.

Prices for the six months beginning July 1, 2022:
Dawn Jacket (old)23,000→(revised)24,120
Dawn Pants (old)13,000→(revised)13,790
Broad Shirts (old)9,500→(revised)10,102
Jersey Shirts (old)11,000→(revised)11,697 Thought Shirts (old)11,000→No change