Calling all "practitioners" for an all-inclusive society!

SOLIT is a company that is working to realize an all-inclusive society that takes into account the diversity of people and the global environment, starting with "fashion" as a first step.

All members share the same vision of the society that SOLIT aims to create, and each member makes use of his or her own strengths and helps each other with weaknesses while consulting with each other to determine how and how much to get involved in accordance with the lifestyle, values, and ideology that each member seeks.

Now that two years have passed since the founding of SOLIT, we have a clear idea of what we want to achieve, and we are looking for new members who will become "practitioners" who will push SOLIT toward the society we aim to create.


What SOLIT values when working as a team

This means that diverse people can mutually understand and approve each other, and autonomously choose the various ways of working and interacting with each other that they seek. This is exactly the challenge to realize the "all-inclusive" society that SOLIT aims for, first of all, within the smallest unit of a team.

Of course, it might be much easier if someone else determines the roles, evaluates them, and teaches them how to do things. However, you may be giving up the opportunity to be yourself by standing on someone else's standards.

SOLIT is a group of people of very different ages, nationalities, sexualities, disabilities, beliefs, places of residence, family structures, educational backgrounds, work experiences, and skills. Although we all share the same goals for society and SOLIT's efforts, our individual interests, values, and philosophies are surprisingly different from each other.

I think it is a miracle that each of us, who are so different from one another, are able to become friends and take on challenges together in this way.


Choose how to relate to others in a way that allows you to be yourself.

SOLIT's hiring process is based on the belief that "anyone who shares SOLIT's vision and wants to be involved is basically welcome, we just need to adjust the way they are involved. The adjustment of how we relate to each other is influenced by the following factors. We disclose information to each other and consult with each other on the best way to get involved.

  • Company's business situation
  • Businesses that the company wants to do with high priority
  • What he/she wants to do, what he/she can do, and what he/she does not want to do
  • How committed he/she is to the company
  • What he/she wants from SOLIT (experience, money, self-realization, social contribution, friends...)

For example, some people work full time as employees, while others choose to be involved as interns to realize what they want to do within SOLIT, and others choose to do what they can do when they can, as free volunteers.



Who we are looking for

 We are looking for people who can run on their own as part of a team and become practitioners toward the realization of the "all-inclusive" society that SOLIT is aiming for.

  • You have some experience in sustainability, diversity and inclusion
  • You are willing to try new things and enjoy challenges.
  • Are comfortable with online communication

The main tasks and remuneration are summarized below.


Four types of beings we are looking for now


This is the entity that communicates the future that SOLIT is aiming for through photographs and videos. We can say that we are in charge of showing the future ahead, a future where diverse beings can live in diverse ways. Each of us may take on multiple roles, including photography, video, styling, hair and makeup, and modeling, or we may take on responsibilities where we can demonstrate our strengths.



The position will disseminate the "all-inclusive society" that SOLIT aims for through social media, including the JOURNAL on the SOLIT website. This position is in charge of information dissemination, including interviews and public relations within SOLIT.

Social Technology Officer

Starting with joint research and surveys with hospitals and research institutes with which we are currently collaborating, SOLIT has conducted interviews and surveys with the cooperation of many people up to the point of product development. We are the entity that designs the optimal collection method and management of data that has been and will be studied.

Partner Relations Manager

SOLIT is sustained not only by its employees and shareholders, but also by the institutions and pro bono volunteers who share our vision and help us market our products on our behalf. SOLIT is a company that seeks out and becomes partners with those who are yet to be found, and builds comfortable and stimulating relationships with those with whom we already have a relationship.

Of course, we are not limited to the above, but will work with you according to what you want to work on!


Set up hours of operation and compensation

Time and rewards are set according to what each of us is looking for and the situation we are in. The following options are prepared but not limited to

People who can run on their own and lead the team toward the society SOLIT aims to create.Minimum 80 hours of operation per month, from 100,000/month

A person who can run independently toward the society SOLIT aims for and lead the department in charge.Minimum 30 hours/month, from 40,000/month

Pro bono:
Volunteers with professional skills. 16 hours or more per month, free of charge

Paid internship:
People who can take responsibility for their own work in accordance with the company's situation and the field they wish to challenge themselves in. Minimum 30 hours/month, from 30,000/month

Free internship:
Free to do what they want to challenge themselves at SOLIT. 30 hours or more per month, free of charge

Do what you can when you can, for free

    Place of business

    Everything will be online. You can conduct activities from any location you like!
    However, there may be times when it is necessary to meet in person for interviews, prototyping validation, etc.

    Recruitment Process

    After reviewing the above information, the following process will be used for selection.

    1)Document verification (please send us your resume, CV, and CV)
    *If you are entering through our recruiting website, we will check your profile.
    2)Casual interview (get to know each other and confirm what you are looking for)
    3)Presentation and discussion of desired conditions
    4)Hiring decision

    If you are interested, please send your request to the following e-mail address! We will be happy to conduct an interview.

    Application e-mail address